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SCHEREZADE GARCIA:  The Caribbean Iconography Trifecta

Congratulations to Scherezade Garcia for her remarkable achievements during the course of this year, as the prolific Dominican artist’s works are simultaneously exhibited in three prestigious institutions this fall. In her solo show “It’s So Sunny That It’s Dark”, at the Clifford Art Gallery in Colgate College, N.Y., García touches themes such as displacement, adaptation and the iconography of the caribbean diaspora through chromatic mastery and atmospheric seduction. She is also part of the 48 Latin American artists chosen take part… Read More

Scherezade García: “It is so sunny that it is dark” at Colgate University

  Clifford Gallery Exhibition: Wednesday, September 6 at 10:30am to 4:30pm Little Hall, 101, Clifford Gallery Scherezade Garcia’s work embraces the themes of displacement and adaptation, proposing a different story of what it means to integrate. By fusing an afro-Caribbean visual vocabulary with American symbols, she creates what she calls “contemporary allegories of history,” to expose the unbalance… Read More